Staring into a new day at Kirkjufell.

The power of photography

I have been lucky to have been driven by passion in my photography career. I believe it´s only healthy to stop once in a while and consider where we are heading and ask why we do what we do. What makes photographers run or climb to the end of the world for a photo? As …

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Vestmannaeyjar, Elliðaey and Bjarnarey.

Landscape photography is action photography

In all the landscape photography frenzy going on in Iceland it seems like Vestmannaeyjar (Westman islands) have not gotten much attention. I spent four days there early in July. Arriving there with the ferry from Landeyjahöfn which took about 40 minutes I noticed much fewer tourists than in the south of Iceland. Coming from the …

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Aerial photo of Iceland

Birds view of Iceland

Old dream comes true We all see the same thing differently. Changing perspective changes everything. It was a dream to fly and take aerial photos this summer. Around the year 2000 I photographed most of the popular salmon and trout rivers in Iceland from the air and published the photos on CD´s which were sold …

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